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Thank you for considering contributing to Onpetscare! We welcome guest bloggers who share our passion for enhancing the lives of pets and their loving owners. If you have valuable insights, expertise, or engaging stories to share with our audience, we invite you to submit your articles for consideration.

How to Submit Your Articles

To submit your article for publication on Onpetscare, please follow these simple steps:

Pitch Your Post: Start by sending us a brief pitch of your proposed post to onpetscare@gmail.com. Showcase your writing skills and demonstrate your knowledge of pet care topics.

Receive a Quote: After reviewing your pitch, we will promptly respond with a quote for the guest blog. You can select a quote that aligns with your website’s criteria and budget.

Craft Your Article: Once you’ve accepted the quote, proceed to write your article. Your submission should adhere to our guidelines to ensure high-quality content.

Submit Your Article: Email your completed article to onpetscare@gmail.com. Our quality team will review it for adherence to our guidelines.

Await Editorial Review: If your article meets all the criteria, it will be forwarded to our editorial team for further review.

Publication and Notification: Upon approval, your article will be scheduled for publication according to our queue. Once published, we will send you the link to your article.

Benefits of Writing for Us

By contributing to Onpetscare, you can enjoy several benefits:

  • Increased Exposure: Your articles will reach our audience of pet owners and enthusiasts, providing you with significant exposure.
  • SEO Value: You can include links back to your website within your article, boosting your website’s SEO value.
  • Relationship Building: Engaging with our audience through your articles can help you build meaningful relationships with potential customers.
  • Global Visibility: Your brand and content will gain visibility on a global scale.

Guest Blog Guidelines

To ensure the quality and relevance of our content, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Word Count: Articles should be 1000+ words and must be unique.
  • Links: You may include up to two links per article, one to your homepage and another to an internal page.
  • Content Quality: Your content should be well-researched and of high quality.
  • Images: Include an image with copyrights, sized at 1200 x 700 pixels.
  • Grammar and Style: We recommend using tools like Grammarly to ensure your content is free of grammatical errors.
  • Plagiarism Check: Our quality team will check for plagiarism and adherence to other guidelines.

About Onpetscare

At Onpetscare, we are committed to enhancing the lives of pets and their owners. As Austin’s trusted pet store, we offer a wide range of quality pet supplies and services.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and collaborating with you to provide valuable content to our audience.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to us at onpetscare@gmail.com.