About Onpetscare

Onpetscare is the most trusted online pet store for best pet supplies, founded by James, an eminent social worker and businessman who loves to cherish the smile of pets and is committed to providing only the best pet foods and pet supplies. 

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Onpetscare is dedicated to enhancing the lives of pets and their loving owners. As Austin’s trusted pet store, we take pride in offering a wide range of quality pet supplies and a deep commitment to compassionate care. Our reputation for providing the finest pet foods and pet supplies at the best prices has made us a household name. 

With over 40 product categories and a curated selection of the best pet products, Onpetscare ensures an exceptional experience for you and your furry companion. We’re not just a pet store; we’re Fur-ever Friends, delivering Fur-ever Quality in all pet supplies to all pets.


Years of Combined Experience

Our owner James has 10 years of experience of dealing in pets supplies


Happy Pet Parents

We have a large number of recurring and happy customers


Pet Supply Category

We are a one-stop-shop providing hundreds of products for all pets

Our Mission

Our mission at Onpetscare is to improve the quality of life of both pet and pet parents. We are creating stronger bonds between pet and owner by providing top-quality pet supplies, affordable pet foods, and ensuring that every pet lives long and best life!

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Best Pet Supplies for the Loving Pet Parents

If you find it hard to find your desired product on our site or your beloved pet demands something special then you can contact us directly to discuss!