Dogs need to rest after all-day-long activities. Their beds should be comfortable and relaxing so they can make fresh and enjoy their resting time. If you looking for such type of bed that stays safe for a long time and has all the necessary factors that should be in the bed then there is no match for our specially designed beds for your furry friend. At our store, you can get 100 percent cotton dog beds that are durable and easily washable. You can have access to well-designed beds that can match your room decor as well. The vast variety of colors, designs, and shapes are available to facilitate you in all possible ways. Our Dog Bed Covers fit a variety of styles and sizes. You can easily put it on and off.  These beds look amazing when we cover them with cotton fitted sheets. 

Our beds are available in various sizes and stylish. These are perfect for those pet parents who have to constantly wash the sheets. Use our premium bed covers that can easily be cleaned without leaving any particles. No need to worry about any stain. The full elastic edging fits most sizes and styles. If you are buying a new bed then you must buy its cover from our store if you want the best investment. You can choose your desired color and get our exclusively designed bed covers that durability and functionality will just amaze you. So, get the worth the money products. We ensure that your one-time investment will compel you to get more things. We not only have the best bed covers but every kind of dog accessories. You can buy dog pants, house heaters, pajamas, and many more items as per your needs and requirements. 

Why our Dog Bed Covers are special?

There are so many reasons that make our products far more unique and precious than others in the market.

  • Fabric: The fabric of our bed is made up of the best variety of materials like denim, cotton, velvet, sherpa suede, etc. The fabric ensures that the beds are durable and comfortable. The cooling fabric is best for those dogs who overheat.
  • Durability: Dogs often scratch the sheets and chew them. We designed our covers in a way that they cannot damage them. 
  • Easy to wash: The bed covers are easily removable and can be washed with little effort. 
  • Hypoallergenic: If your dog has an allergic issue you can buy our special covers. 


So, at Onpetscare we have a wide range of all kinds of products that you need as a pet parent. Numerous people have bought beds from us and no one has given a negative statement. We believe in customer satisfaction and this is only possible when our customers get what exactly they want. So, what do you need else from bed covers? If you need anything or have any questions just feel free to ask. We are here to assist you with everything that is specially manufactured by the experts. So, just contact us and book your order now. 

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