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January 16, 2024 in Blogs

10 Reasons Why Only Rich Can Afford Blue French Bulldog

blue french bulldog
blue french bulldog

If you are a Dog lover then you have probably seen sleek, elegant Blue French Bulldogs strutting down the streets of the posh neighborhoods, turning heads with their unique coat color. Ever wondered why they’re such a rare breed? Well, hold on to your hats as we will learn about these fascinating creatures. You will also learn about the shocking yet strange reasons, why the Blue French Bulldogs can only be afforded by Rich people.

The reason behind the Blue color of Blue French Bulldog?

The captivating blue color of Blue French Bulldogs results from a rare genetic mutation affecting the pigmentation of their fur. This unique genetic trait causes a dilution of the standard black pigmentation, producing the stunning blue coat that distinguishes these canines. The rarity of this genetic combination contributes to the exclusivity and allure of Blue French Bulldogs in the world of canine companionship.

Blue French BullDog’s General Overview

Characteristic Range
Height 10 – 12 inches
Weight 15 – 30 pounds
Lifespan 9 – 15 years
Colors White, Blue
Suitable for Seniors, Apartment Dwellers, Families with Older Children
Temperament Laid-back, Social, Affectionate, Silly

Why The Blue French Bulldogs are the Rare Breed?

A Coat Like No Other

A French Bulldog with a blue coat that resembles the deep blue sea. That’s the Blue French Bulldog for you! Their mesmerizing blue hue is a result of a rare genetic combination that sets them apart from the standard coat colors.
It is no secret that blue and purple colors are symbols of luxury and the blue color on Dogs itself looks rare. This rarity makes it valuable and keeps it away from people who don’t have enough money to buy this infrequent dog breed. 

Genetic Rarity

Blue French Bulldogs owe their uniqueness to a rare genetic mutation that affects the pigmentation of their fur. This mutation is not as common as the genetic factors behind other coat colors. This naturally rare phenomenon makes the Blue Frenchies stand out among other Dog breeds.

Blue French BullDog Breeding Challenges

Breeding these fur babies is no walk in the park. French Bulldogs, in general, come with their set of breeding challenges due to their compact bodies and small litter sizes. Blue French Bulldogs, a subset of this breed inherit these challenges that also contribute to the factors of the precious rarity.

Genetic Complexity: Breeding Blue French Bulldogs requires meticulous attention to genetic details. The specific combination of genes that produces the unique blue coat color is intricate and not easily replicated.

Limited Gene Pool: The gene pool for Blue French Bulldogs is relatively small compared to other coat colors. This limitation makes it challenging for breeders to maintain genetic diversity while focusing on the specific traits associated with the blue coat.

Health Risks: The pursuit of the blue coat color can introduce health risks. Some genetic mutations linked to the blue coloration may also be associated with certain health issues, requiring breeders to carefully navigate potential complications.

Recessive Nature of the Gene: The gene responsible for the blue coat color is recessive, meaning both parents must carry and pass on the gene for the trait to manifest. This adds a layer of complexity to the breeding process, as carriers may not visually express the blue coat.

Unpredictable Coat Shades: The range of blue shades within the French Bulldog spectrum can be unpredictable. Achieving a consistent and desirable shade in each litter requires careful selection of breeding pairs and consideration of various genetic factors.

The Exclusive Club: Why Only the Affluent Can Afford Blue French Bulldogs

Now that we’ve established the rarity of French Bulldogs, let’s explore the reasons behind their hefty price tags. Brace yourself for the revelation of why only the well-heeled (extremely rich) can afford these luxurious dog companions.

1. Breeding Costs

Breeding Blue French Bulldogs is no small feat. It requires careful selection of breeding pairs with the specific genetic makeup to produce that coveted blue coat. The breeding process is meticulous and often involves advanced reproductive technologies, all of which contribute to the high cost.

2. Limited Litter Size

As mentioned earlier, French Bulldogs, in general, have small litter sizes. Blue French Bulldogs, being a rarity within this already exclusive breed, have even smaller litters. The scarcity of available Puppies drives up the demand and subsequently, the price.

3. Health Screening

Responsible breeders invest heavily in Health screening for their breeding pairs to ensure the well-being of the puppies. This includes genetic testing to rule out any potential health issues, which adds to the overall cost of breeding French Bulldogs.

4. High Demand, Low Supply

The law of economics comes into play here. French Bulldogs are in high demand due to their rarity, yet the supply is inherently limited. Some people also use the trick of artificial scarcity to create more panic among buyers and rich buyers even pay more to have such an expensive pet. This demand-supply dynamic significantly contributes to their elevated price tags.

5. Specialized Care

Blue French Bulldogs often require specialized care and include a specific diet and grooming routine to maintain the integrity of their coat color. This level of care adds to the overall cost of owning and breeding these exclusive canines.

6. Quality Bloodlines

Affluent individuals seek nothing but the best, and that extends to their Furry companions. Blue French Bulldogs from reputable breeders with impeccable bloodlines command a premium price, ensuring the continuation of desirable traits.

7. Celebrity Endorsement

Let’s face it, when celebrities flaunt their Blue French Bulldogs on social media, the demand skyrockets. The exclusivity associated with owning a pet that’s been embraced by the rich and famous only serves to inflate the price further.

8. Customization Requests

Some individuals might desire specific traits in their French Bulldogs, such as a particular shade of blue or unique markings. Meeting these customization requests involves additional breeding efforts and, consequently, a higher price.

9. Luxurious Accessories

Owning a Blue French Bulldog isn’t just about the dog itself; it’s a lifestyle. Affluent owners often invest in high-end accessories from reputable and super-choice pet stores like Onpetscare

. From custom-designed dog beds to exclusive collars everything adds to the overall cost of owning these precious pups.

10. Status Symbol

Let’s not forget the intangible value associated with owning a rare and exquisite pet. Blue French Bulldogs serve as a status symbol and high-status yielding pets have a high price tag of pounds.  This element further justifies the premium price.


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Some Interesting Facts about the Blue French Bulldogs

    • Rare Genetic Marvel: 
      French Bulldogs owe their distinctive blue coat to a rare genetic mutation, setting them apart from the standard color variations in the breed.
    • Not French:
       Blue French Bulldogs are not French as their name suggests. They were first seen in the UK, not France. 
    • Genetic Link to Dilution:
       The blue hue in their coat is a result of a dilution of the black pigmentation, creating a stunning and sought-after appearance.
    • Breeding Challenges: 
      Due to the rarity of the genetic combination needed to produce Blue French Bulldogs, breeding them comes with significant challenges, making them exclusive.
    • Pigment Changes with Age:
      The intensity of the blue color in their coat can change as they age, creating a fascinating visual transformation from puppyhood to adulthood.
    • Distinctive Eye Color:
       Blue Frenchies often boast captivating blue or amber-colored eyes that complement their overall appearance, adding to their allure.
    • Health Considerations: While the blue coat is undoubtedly stunning, it’s essential for breeders to carefully manage the breeding process to avoid potential health issues associated with the unique genetic traits.
    • No Standard Shade: 
      Unlike some coat colors in French Bulldogs, there’s no standardized shade for blue. This leads to a spectrum of blue hues, from steel blue to a softer, more lavender-toned blue.
    • Not Recognized by All Kennel Clubs: 
      Some kennel clubs, including the AKC (American Kennel Club), do not officially recognize the blue color as part of the standard French Bulldog coat colors.
    • Popularity Spike: 
      The demand for Blue French Bulldogs has surged in recent years, fueled in part by their appearances in social media posts by celebrities and influencers.
    • High Price Tag: 
      Owning a Blue French Bulldog comes with a hefty price, reflecting their rarity, the challenges of breeding, and the exclusive status they hold in the world of canine companionship.
  • Final words about this unique French Bulldog

From their rare genetic makeup to the meticulous breeding process and the exclusive club of affluent owners, these dogs are more than just pets; they’re a statement. So, the next time you spot a Blue French Bulldog strutting down the street, remember, that you’re witnessing not just a rare breed but a symbol of opulence.


Why are Blue French Bulldogs so rare?

Blue French Bulldogs are rare due to a specific genetic mutation responsible for their distinctive blue coat, making the trait less common than other coat colors in the breed.

What is the average cost of a Blue French Bulldog?

The price of a Blue French Bulldog can vary, but it is generally higher than other coat colors. Depending on factors like lineage and breeder reputation, prices can range from £4,000 to upwards of £15,000.

Are Blue French Bulldogs recognized by kennel clubs?

While the blue color is not universally recognized by all kennel clubs, some clubs may accept it as a valid coat color. However, it’s essential to check specific breed standards, as recognition can vary.

Do Blue French Bulldogs have any health concerns associated with their coat color?

 Breeding for the blue coat can introduce potential health risks, as some genetic mutations linked to the blue coloration may be associated with certain health issues. Responsible breeders conduct thorough health screenings to minimize such risks.

Can Blue French Bulldogs change the intensity of their coat color over time?

Yes, the intensity of the blue color in a Blue French Bulldog’s coat can change as they age. From puppyhood to adulthood, the hue may undergo variations, creating a visually dynamic and interesting transformation.

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