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June 1, 2023 in Blogs

What Size Crate Do I Need for My Dog?

A dog crate serves many purposes, including providing a safe and secure environment for your pet. whether you’re moving into a house with a new puppy, traveling, or simply providing a cozy den-like setting.

What Size Crate Do I Need for My Dog?

Measure your dog: The height of your dog should first be determined from the floor to the top of their head (or ears, if they are up erect). Measure the pet’s overall length from the base of its tail to the tip of its nose.

Add extra space: Add a few inches to your dog’s measurements to make sure they have enough space to roam around comfortably. They will no longer feel confined when they stand up, turn around, or bed down as a result.

Consider your dog’s breed: The ideal size varies depending on the breed of dog. Smaller breeds can fit into smaller crates, whilst larger dogs will naturally need larger crates. To get a better idea, look up the breed’s average size range.

Age and growth: Keep in mind that puppies grow swiftly if you have one. Selecting a crate size that can suit their adult size and using dividers to modify the space as they grow may be necessary.

Weight capacity: Check the crate’s weight capacity to make sure it can sustain your dog’s weight in a secure manner. For information on the proper weight capacity for the crate, consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

Common Crate Size Guidelines for Different Dog Breeds

To provide a broad idea, below are some cage size standards for different dog breeds:

Small breeds: 18-24 inches long
Medium breeds: 30-36 inches long
Large breeds: 42-48 inches long
Extra-large breeds: 48+ inches long

Crate Training Tips

  1. Introduce the crate gradually: Make your dog feel comfortable and welcome in the crate. Place a cozy blanket or bed inside, along with goodies and toys. Without pressuring them, let your dog explore the crate at their own leisure.
  2. Associate positive experiences: To establish good connections with the crate, use methods of positive reinforcement. When your dog enters or remains in the crate, reward him with treats and praise. This makes the box seem more appealing and secure to them.
  3. Start with short periods: Keep the crate door open at first, allowing your dog to enter voluntarily and investigate. Treats or toys inside will entice them to enter. Start with closing the door briefly while you are there, then gradually increase the closures as time goes on.
  4. Use a consistent cue: Introduce a unique cue that your dog will respond to, such as “crate” or “kennel,” when you want them to enter the crate. Each time they go inside, repeat the cue. Eventually, they will associate the cue with entering the crate willingly.
  5. Establish a routine: Establish a regular daily schedule for your dog’s crate time. Use the crate for meals, peaceful downtime, and for trips outside the house. This lessens anxiety and teaches your dog when to expect crate time.

Top 3 Best Dog Crates | 2023

MidWest Ultima Pro Double Door Folding Dog Crate

  1. Superior Durability and Design: With the utmost durability in mind, the MidWest Ultima Pro Double Door Folding Dog Crate is built. The heavy-gauge steel wire used to construct this crate’s high-quality components gives it excellent strength and durability. Your dog is kept safe and secure inside the crate thanks to its reinforced corners and strong door locks.
  2. Easy Portability and Storage: Another benefit of the MidWest Ultima Pro Double Door Crate is portability. The crate has a folding design that makes assembly and disassembly simple. Whether you’re visiting friends and family or going on vacation, this makes it easy to travel. The crate can be quickly folded and stored compactly when not in use to conserve room in your home.
  3. Trusted Brand and Positive Feedback: MidWest Homes for Pets, the manufacturer of the Ultima Pro Double Door Crate, has a strong reputation for producing high-quality pet products. This crate has gained confidence and reputation throughout the pet world thanks to a large number of positive evaluations from pleased customers. You may rely on this reputable brand’s dependability and effectiveness.

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

The safety of your pet while traveling is a top priority for the Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel. This kennel gives your pet safe and secure confinement because it is made of tough plastic and reinforced with metal fasteners. The strong wire door offers simple access while securely containing your pet. You may travel in confidence knowing that your pet is safe thanks to the sturdy structure.

The Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel has a lot of benefits, including airline acceptance. The kennel complies with the majority of airline regulations for carrying dogs, giving you a hassle-free journey. To ensure compliance before your journey, it is imperative to review individual airline policies and procedures. A kennel is a great option for air travel with your pet due to its durable construction and safe door design.

In the pet sector, Petmate is a reputable brand. Petmate has built a solid reputation among pet owners by putting a significant emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. Numerous satisfied customers have given the Ultra Vari Kennel great feedback, praising its dependability and effectiveness.

Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate

The Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate is designed with portability in mind. This crate provides a portable and lightweight alternative because it is made of lightweight components including resilient cloth and a durable steel frame. It easily collapses for convenient storage and hassle-free traveling. This crate is simple to carry and move whether you’re driving or flying to a new location.

Your dog will have a comfortable and safe room to rest in this travel crate. Your pet friend will be comfy owing to the soft and breathable fabric. Mesh panels are installed on the crate’s four sides to ensure appropriate ventilation and give your dog a view of its surroundings. The entry door’s zippered design makes access simple, yet.


What if my dog is between crate sizes?
It is typically advised to choose the larger crate size for your dog if there is a choice between two sizes to provide comfort and enough room.

Can I use a crate for multiple dogs?
Crates can be used for more than one dog, sure. However, make sure that all of the dogs get along well and have enough room to move about comfortably.

Can I use a crate for a puppy?
Absolutely! Puppies benefit greatly from crate training since it helps with housebreaking and gives them a safe, secure environment.

How long should I leave my dog in a crate?
The length of crate confinement varies on your dog’s age, breed, and specific demands.

Can I use a crate for an older dog?
Crates can be used with older dogs, yes. Select a crate size and kind that is acceptable for them while taking note of any potential physical restrictions or pain.

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